Vacation Rental Cleaning

Why do you need housekeeping on demand?

Ensuring your Airbnb host home is spotless and guest-ready demands time and effort. Picture this: you’re off on an extended vacation with four guests scheduled. Coordinating individual clean-ups and linen changes can be a daunting task. That’s where our on-demand Vacation Rental Property Cleaning Services step in.


  • Linens Refresh (wash and replace)
  • Vacuuming/Mopping/Dry Mopping
  • Take Out the Trash (in all rooms and main cans if needed)
  • Dusting all hard surfaces like shelves (and we remove the dust, not simply relocate around– important in this field!)
  • Bathroom Cleaning (toilets, sinks, mirrors, light fixtures, shower/tub wipe down – no guest wants to see anything in the bathroom, right?)
  • Appliance Check (refrigerator, dishwasher, laundry, thermostat)
  • Kitchen Wipe down (appliance faces, inside the microwave, stove top, sink, counters, floors, cutting board, disinfect with nontoxic cleaners)
  • You can always change/schedule cleanings as needed. You can also email, text, or call us to schedule!

Our Cleaning Program is customized to fit each landlord, owner, or property management company. Whether you have a short-term rental, longer stays or would like to provide regular cleaning during your tenant’s stay, we have the team and program to fit your needs. Airbnb Turnover Service for Short-term Rental Properties!

Experience the Cleidy’s Cleaning Difference

Choose Cleidy’s Cleaning for a vacation rental cleaning experience that exceeds expectations. Join our satisfied clients who appreciate our friendly, honest, and dependable approach to delivering a superior cleaning service.

Ready to elevate your vacation rental property? Contact us today.

Partner with Cleidy’s Cleaning for a service that enhances the appeal and reputation of your vacation rental.

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