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In Teaticket, Cleidy’s Cleaning provides an exceptional cleaning experience customized to your needs. Whether you require a monthly deep clean or a weekly touch-up, our dedicated team, led by General Manager Cleidy Pereira, is committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction.

Cleidy’s Cleaning is your trusted partner in Teaticket for outstanding home cleaning services. Our transparent mission centers on friendliness, honesty, and dependability. Our skilled and trustworthy house cleaners specialize in personalized care for different property types, ensuring your space in Teaticket receives the attention it deserves.

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Exceptional Quality

Our meticulous cleaning ensures every corner of your home or office gleams with perfection. We believe quality is not an act but a habit, evident in the fantastic results we consistently deliver.

Employee Excellence

Our cleaners are the heart and soul of our agency, undergoing a thorough screening process to ensure they have the skills and character that align with our values.

Honest Solutions

We recognize the uniqueness of each home and office, offering customized cleaning solutions. Our strategies are tailored to individual needs, delivering optimal results without the high cost.

Diverse Cleaning

We provide extensive services, from deep kitchen cleaning to professional office maintenance, specializing in Airbnb turnover.


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We care about every job, large or small.

Moving in/out Cleaning

Moving in/out Cleaning Discover the Difference with Our Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning Services Ensuring your home is tenant-ready requires meticulous attention to detail, especially when dealing with the residue of previous occupants. At Cleidy’s Cleaning, our move-in and move-out cleanings are designed to thoroughly prepare your space for its next resident. Over the years, apartments

Office & Commercial Cleaning

Office & Commercial Cleaning Elevate Your Workspace with Cleidy’s Cleaning Office & Commercial Cleaning Services Create a conducive and welcoming environment for your team and clients with our specialized Office and commercial Cleaning services. At Cleidy’s Cleaning, we understand the importance of a clean and organized workplace, and our services are tailored to meet the

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Revitalize Your Home with Cleidy’s Cleaning House Cleaning Services At Cleidy’s Cleaning, we understand the significance of a clean and comfortable home. Our House Cleaning services are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of your living space, providing a thorough and personalized cleaning experience that goes beyond the surface. What Sets Cleidy’s

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EMAIL: info@cleidyscleaningservices.com

phone: (774) 268-8336

Cleidy’s Cleaning Agency: Setting the Standard for Excellence in Cleaning Services for Teaticket

Nestled in the heart of Teaticket, Cleidy’s Cleaning Agency stands as the epitome of excellence in local cleaning services. Teaticket, with its diverse charm and rich history, deserves nothing less than the pristine cleanliness we bring to every home and office. Our reputation as the gold standard in cleaning services is rooted in trust, exceptional quality, and a steadfast dedication to both our valued clients and our hardworking team members.

Why Cleidy’s Cleaning Agency Stands Out

  1. Exceptional Quality: Our meticulous approach to cleaning ensures that every corner of your home or office gleams with perfection. We believe that quality is not an act but a habit. And this belief is reflected in the fantastic results we deliver every time.

  2. Employee Excellence: Our cleaners are more than just employees; they are the heart and soul of our agency. Each one undergoes a rigorous screening process, ensuring that they possess the necessary skills and the character that aligns with our values.

  3. Honest Solutions: We understand that every home and office is unique, requiring tailored cleaning solutions. Our strategies are designed to cater to these individual needs, ensuring optimal results without the expensive price tag.

  4. Diverse Cleaning Services: Our range of services is vast from deep cleaning your kitchen to ensuring your office radiates professionalism. Our specialization doesn’t end there. We are also experts in Airbnb and short-term rental cleaning and turnover services. Our cleaners employ various cleaning methods, chemicals, and cutting-edge equipment to expedite the cleaning process without compromising quality.

Specialized Airbnb & Short-Term Rental Cleaning

The short-term rental market, especially platforms like Airbnb, has revolutionized how people travel. This shift has brought about a unique set of cleaning requirements. Cleidy’s Cleaning Agency, with its vast experience and expertise, offers specialized turnover services tailored to this market. Our aim? To ensure every guest steps into a spotlessly clean rental, setting the stage for a remarkable stay.

Unveiling Teaticket’s Cleaning Heritage with Cleidy’s Cleaning Agency

Teaticket, a cherished enclave within Cape Cod, boasts a storied history and a thriving community. From historic residences to contemporary vacation getaways, the homes in Teaticket demand a specific level of care and attention. Cleidy’s Cleaning Agency, deeply embedded in the fabric of this community, recognizes and fulfills this need by providing services that seamlessly fuse traditional methods with cutting-edge techniques.


  • How much does it cost to clean a house on Cape Cod? The cost varies based on the size of the house and the specific services required. Cleidy’s Cleaning Agency offers competitive rates without compromising on quality.

  • How much do house cleaners charge in Massachusetts? On average, house cleaners in Massachusetts charge between $25 to $45 per hour. However, rates can vary based on the job’s complexity and the cleaning agency’s reputation.

  • How much does a maid cost in Boston? In Boston, maids typically charge between $30 to $50 per hour, depending on the services offered and the agency’s reputation.

  • What is the best day for maid service? The best day for maid service largely depends on the client’s preference. However, many prefer weekdays at work, ensuring minimal disruption.

More than just a cleaning service, Cleidy’s Cleaning Agency is a dedicated promise of excellence. Our commitment extends to our valued clients, dedicated employees, and the broader Teaticket community, standing resolute and unwavering. Whether you seek to enhance the cleanliness of your home, office, or vacation rental, we are here to provide results that not only meet but surpass your expectations.

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